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What We do

Avalanche PC offers a wide range of hardware and software services for mobile devices, laptops, All-in-One and desktop systems. Networking solutions are also provided to residential or small businesses in need of wired, wireless or hybrid networking requirements. If you do not find a service you are in need of listed, please feel free to reach out to Avalanche PC — Let us provide a solution to your problem!
Computer Setup
With our complete computer setup and install you will have your computer up and running within a few hours of unboxing.
Computer Repairs
With our computer repair services we can take your broken computer, laptop or desktop, and get you up and running again.
Hardware Upgrades
Taking any previous system we have the ability to upgrade most of any component of it, while keeping in mind your needs and budget.
Battery Replacement
We have the ability to replace both external and the internal batteries, which can be a pain to access easily.
Custom Built PC
From dream to reality, Avalanche PC has the knowledge and know how to build a custom PC or workstation for any need.
Computer Restoration
From dirty and running slow, to clean and running brand new, we will fully renew the health and lifespan of your PC.
Virus Removal
Lag or crashes? Settings changing without permission? Unfamiliar apps/files? These are all signs of a computer virus or other malicious software.
Software Installation
Sometimes installing software can be a bit harder than the standard steps, let Avalanche PC assess your issue.
Data Backup/Transfer
Avalanche PC offers solutions for both backup and transfer of data.
Residential Networks
For any size residential network, we have the ability to provide both wired, wireless and hybrid solutions.
Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work with fast & quality expertise.