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About Us

AVALANCHE PC - A new, local solution to your tech problems.

Where quality meets affordability.

Avalanche PC, a company founded in 2023 in Gouverneur, New York ushers in a new generation of quality, IT solutions at an affordable price. Founded by Michael Bryan, a Richmond, Virginia native the year undertaking his move north to be with a very special loved one — I sought to combine my years of acquired tech experience into a locally based, locally focused IT solution offering quality, affordable solutions to both residential and small business owners.

Michael has decades of experience ranging from his youth to where he is now, interning and working at various established tech ventures along the way. His strong suits are computer hardware/systems, software solutions, Windows & various Linux distros, programming and marketing.

Avalanche PC desires to be your one stop shop for all your IT solution needs, including...

  • Computer Repair: Of all uses, form factors, operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Custom Computer Solutions: Purpose-built computers for home and small businesses.
  • Mobile Devices: We service a wide range of mobile devices for a multitude hardware issues.
  • Data Backup/Transfer: We offer transfer of data, cloning drives and backup solutions.
  • Computer Restoration: Like New — Physically cleaned and a fresh operating system install.
  • Residential Networks: Network install, optimization & connecting of devices.

What We Offer

Customer's satisfaction is our ultimate goaal. Our specialist techies will diagnose and resolve your computer issues.
Computer Setup
With our complete computer setup and install you will have your computer up and running within a few hours of unboxing.
Computer Repairs
With our computer repair services we can take your broken computer, laptop or desktop, and get you up and running again.
Hardware Upgrades
Taking any previous system we have the ability to upgrade most of any component of it, while keeping in mind your needs and budget.
Battery Replacement
We have the ability to replace both external and the internal batteries, which can be a pain to access easily.
Contact us today for computer repair & new build services with peace of mind by knowing we have years of experience in a magnitude of different systems and hardware manufacturers.
Familiar Software & Hardware Brands

Avalanche PC Standards of Practice

  • Inform: Along the process of servicing your device, we will inform you of initial issue being addressed, options, pricing and all work performed.
  • Promptness: Will respond to all forms of communication in a timeful manner — From when we first meet, to after service follow up.
  • Educate: Inform and teach customer terminology, preventative maintenance and best care practices for their device.
  • Fairness in Affordability: Service (labor w/o parts) costs will be fairly scrutinized by Avalanche PC in terms of never going over the estimated quote — in all actuality might be reduced due to redundant/overlapping steps from each estimated service.
  • Respect: Avalanche PC takes great pride in respecting a client's privacy, device/hardware and mostly importantly you to the highest standard.
Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work with fast & quality expertise.